What are your hours?

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm / Friday: 10am – 9pm / Saturday: 10am – 9pm / Sunday: Closed (Possible Private Parties upon request)  (***Effective March 1st, our new weekday hours will be 12pm – 8pm Monday – Friday***)

What are your prices?  

Monday – Thursday we charge $9 per person.  Friday and Saturday we charge $12 per person.  Each pass receives UNLIMITED JUMPING ALL DAY.

What ages do you charge for?  

Everyone over 2 – 100 (2 and under are free)

How much do you charge for adults?  

NOTHING…as long as they have already paid for their own children or attending a birthday party and …after they’ve signed the waiver of course!  🙂

Do you offer group discounts?  

Yes, it depends on the number of people you have coming.  The larger the number of people the better the discount.

Do you offer group discounts to preschool, daycares, etc.?  

Yes, we offer a rate of $3 – $7 per jumper.  Again, the rate depends on the number of jumpers attending.

What does Unlimited jumping all day entail?  

Unlimited jumping means that you can come in when we open and don’t have to leave until we close that night.  You can even come and go throughout the day. Make sure to give your name to the front desk before you leave.

Do I have to sign a waiver even if I’m not planning to jump?  

Yes, everyone entering the HighJump Bounce House Facility, must sign a waiver for liability purposes – even if you do not intend on jumping..

How long is the waiver good for?  

The waiver is good for an entire year.

I want to print off your waiver, do you have a hard copy I can print out?

 Yes, send us an email (highjumput@gmail.com) letting us know that you need a printable copy of the waiver and we will send it to you.

Are socks optional?

 No, Socks are required.

If I forget socks, can I purchase them there?  

Yes, we have socks of all sizes that you can purchase in our facility.

Can I purchase food / drinks at your facility?

 Yes, we have a number of snacks to choose as well as cheese and pepperoni pizzas.  We also have Pepsi products on tap.

What types of pizzas do you offer?

Cheese and Pepperoni

Do you charge sales tax?  

Yes, we charge 6.85% on the total (before discounts).

Do you have free wifi?

Yes, just ask the front desk and they will give you the password.

Can I drop my kids off and leave?

No, you are responsible for your own children.  This is not a daycare facility and we will not be watching your children.  

How often do you have your facility and bounce houses cleaned?

We have a professional cleaning staff that does a deep clean of the entire facility on a weekly basis.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 15% military discount.

Where can I find pricing for your party packages?

 You can now find them on our website

What is the easiest way to book a party?  

The easiest way to book a party to go directly to our website:  http://www.highjumput.com/services/party-planning/  Then choose the “Book Now” tab.

What if I don’t want to book a party through your website and want to book it through with an actual person?  

You are more than welcome to do that.  You can contact our front desk at (801) 260-000:  Be sure to tell them your name, the date, time that you want your party room (not the time you are planning to start your party), party room, birthday person, phone number and email address.  You’ll also need to leave your $50 deposit either over the phone with a credit card or actually coming into our facility.

Who do I contact if I’ve already booked my party?  

You can contact Tiffany Rich our party coordinator at (801) 631-0614.

How many party rooms do you have?

 We have 4 themed party rooms:  Star Wars/Space Room, Jungle Room, Princess Room and Under the Sea/Ocean Room.

Do I need to leave a deposit?  

Yes, a $50 security deposit is required when you schedule your party room.  It secures your room, day and time of your party. It is then deducted from your balance on the day of your party.

If I cancel my party and have already paid my $50 deposit, will I get a refund?  

Yes, as long as you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Why do I need to fill out a guest list for my party?  

We ask that all of our parties fill out a guest list so that we can check to see who has and hasn’t signed our waiver before your party.  If we know who is coming and can verify that they have signed the waiver before your party, then it makes for a super smooth transition….especially on days that we have multiple parties going on.

On the guest list, what if I don’t know the children’s parent’s names or numbers?  

We understand that knowing every single child’s last name as well as parent’s last name and numbers can sometimes be tricky.  We don’t expect your guest list to be perfect, but would like you to fill it out as best as you can. Our suggestion is to print out our waiver (we will send you an email with a printable copy for you to print out) and send it in your invitations.  The parent’s can bring them to HighJump on the day of the party. ***Also…if they have already been to HighJump, they’ve most likely already filled out a waiver.***

What type of food is provided with your party packages?  

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Pitchers of Soda and Cake/Cupcakes.

What types of pizzas do you offer?

 Cheese and Pepperoni

What size are your pizzas?  


Do you offer speciality pizzas?  

No, I’m sorry, we do not.  But you are welcome to bring in your own toppings on the day of your party and we can add them to your pizzas if you’d like.

Are your pizza made fresh?

 Yes, we purchase them daily to ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

Where do you get your pizzas and cakes/cupcakes?  

Sam’s Club in West Jordan.

What if I have a smaller party package, but I want a larger cake or more cupcakes?  

You can upgrade to a larger cake or 30 cupcakes for an additional $15.

If I bought a party package, and needed more soda, how much would each pitcher of soda cost?  

We charge $3 for additional pitchers of soda instead of $6.

Can I bring in my own food with the party packages?  


Do you offer a discount if I bring in my own food with the party packages?  

Yes, we offer a 10% discount.  If you only want to bring in part of your food (the cake for example) we’d offer you a 5% discount.

If I want to celebrate my child’s birthday at HighJump but didn’t want to purchase a party package, do you have options for this?  

Yes, you can use one of our party rooms $75 per hour and pay for each kid individually.

If I wanted to have a party that included two children, could you accommodate that?

Yes, we try to customize each party package as much as possible and make each birthday person involved feel as special as possible.  They will each receive a free pair of birthday socks of their choice, individual birthday signs on their own table. 🙂 We can even figure something out as far as the cake or cupcakes are concerned as well.

What if I choose a party package, but not all the guests attend, can I change my party package?

Yes!  You are not locked down into a specific package until the day of your party and all of your guests have arrived and food made.  We understand that things can change even on the day of your actual party. So, we will try to fit you into the package that best fits your circumstance on the day of your party.

What if I have more guests attend than are alloted in the party package that I’ve chosen?

 We will charge an additional $8 per jumper.

What if I have less guests attend than what was included in the party package I’ve chosen?

We will deduct $8 per jumper.

How long do I get the party room for?

 You get the party room for one hour, but you have unlimited jumping all day long.  

An hour doesn’t seem like enough time in the party room, can I have the room longer?

Yes, depending on availability.  Also, we charge $25 per ½ hour extra.

How early can my party guests arrive before our scheduled party?

 We recommend telling your guests to come about an hour earlier than your party starts.

Where can we put gifts if our party room is unavailable when we arrive?  

You can talk to the front desk and they can store them in a secure location within our facility.

With the party packages, what paper products do you provide?

We provide all of the cups, plates, utensils, napkins, etc. based on the number of jumpers in your party package. **Please note, that if you bring in your own food and are give a food discount, you will be responsible for all of your own paper products.

If I’m bringing in my own food, do you still provide all of the paper products?

No, that is included in with the discount for bringing in your own food.  So, you would be responsible for bringing in your own.

What if I am receiving a food discount, but still want you to provide the paper products?

 We can definitely still take care of that for you, but there will be a small charge of $8.

Can I bring a piñata?


What if I forget candles for our cake?

We have candles and lighters there on the off chance that you forget.

With the party packages, what decorations do you provide?  

We provide the tablecloths, framed birthday signs in easels for the table and outside the party room door, and foil centerpieces on each side of the framed birthday signs on the table.   

Can I take the decorations home on the day of my party?  

No, the decorations are property of HighJump.  If you’d like to take their birthday signs home, we’d be happy to get those ready for you before you leave.

Do you provide balloons?

No, we do not provide balloons due to liability reasons (choking hazard).  However, if you wanted to bring them in for your own party, you are welcome to.  You will just need to take them home after your party is over.

Can I bring in any alcoholic beverages?

No, alcohol is prohibited at our facility.

Are there certain things that are not allowed in the party rooms?

Silly String, paint, confetti etc. and alcoholic beverages.  **a $25 fee will be charged**

Do I have to pay my balance before I leave after my party is over?

Yes, you are responsible to pay your balance before you leave.  If in the event, your balance is not paid before you leave, we will charge the credit card on file and send you the receipt.