Parkour Classes

Hello! My name is Logan King. I am a Parkour athlete and coach. I have been practicing Parkour for four years and have been coaching for two years. In that time I have trained and taught with world athletes. Including:

  • Ronnie Shalvis, known as the Utahn Parkourist who has been featured in very popular YouTube videos with millions of views.
  • Calen Chan, fourth in the world for Parkour and Freerunning and a very dear friend.
  • Chris Romrell, the stunt double for Chris Pratt in Avengers: Infinity War!

My classes focus on the basics of Parkour with some elements of Freerunning and Tricking. I focus heavily on things like rolls and Ukemi (the art of falling). Safety is first and foremost.

When the basics are covered I build skills higher and higher into intermediate and advanced levels.

Including, but not limited to, backflip, sideflip, frontflip, vaults, climb-ups, tic-tacs, wall flips, wall spins, variations, and much more.  

While teaching the physical parts of this sport I also teach some Sports Psychology that I have learned throughout the years to help the mental aspects of Parkour.


Wednesdays 4-5


Thursdays 7-8


$55 monthly

If your family has multiple athletes each child is $40 after the first one who will be at original price

If you are interested please contact me at:

Or text me at: