Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling program at Highjump is something we are very proud of!   Our instructors love their jobs and place the utmost importance on praising and cheering their students on. This positive energy radiates through the class and creates a wonderful atmosphere for learning and passing skills off quickly.  Our main goal is to have students leave feeling like they are the kings and queens of the World!!! Confidence is absolutely key in mastering tumbling skills. Our instructors are skilled and experienced spotters and are trained to talk the students through every trick by muscle groups needed and can recognize the missing links to any trick so they can effectively help the student master tricks fast.  

Children’s Tumbling Classes for all Skill Levels in West Jordan

Miss Rachelle, our program director, has been teaching tumbling for many, many, many, years and has found that mixing levels is a very effective way to help all levels of students stay engaged and motivated and to advance quickly!  

Beginner Tumbling Classes

We offer preschool age beginner building blocks of tumbling classes. In these classes, The students, ages 3-5, work on coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. These skills are learned through play and hard work. In addition to drills and obstacle courses to master the skills, The students also begin to learn the most basic tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, bridges and backbends,  headstands and handstands, and cartwheels. This class creates a firm foundation for advancing in tumbling. 

Beginner & Intermediate Tumbling Classes

We offer a beginner and intermediate mixed class that is perfect for beginners to see what tricks are intended to look like and they get that visual example from their intermediate peers, helping them master tricks fast. The intermediate students feel proud and accomplished and cheer their beginner peers on!   Those classes are sometimes held in a classroom setting to create a focused atmosphere but we also venture out into the large main area to get practice on the air tumbling tracks and spring floors. Students feel safe on this equipment and are often far more brave to practice their tricks and master them on their own. They can take the muscle memory that they obtain on this equipment and do their tricks safely and confidently on regular mats!

Intermediate & Advanced Tumbling Classes

We also offer mixed beginner/ intermediate / advanced classes. These classes are held in the large main area and use the spring floors, air tumble tracks, and regular tumbling mats. This class follows the same theory as the beginner and intermediate mixed class but also allows the advanced students to not become complacent. They enjoy being examples and don’t get bored as they would in an all advanced class where they feel like they have reached their full potential. In this setting, the advanced students enjoy working on their form and technique and finding new fun tumble combinations and passes. The beginner and intermediate students get excited and work hard to master their tricks and be cheered on by their peers!  

 Our teacher to student ratios are something we brag about –  we NEVER exceed 6 students per instructor but some of our classes are even offered at 4 students per teacher. The one on one with each student is phenomenal! Our methods are tried and true and our program director is known throughout the city for her positive program and her ability to talk even the most cautious students into mastering their tricks in a very timely manner!  This program has been in place for years and has been a success that we are excited to be a part of!